Easter 2018 Messages from Lancashire’s Anglican Bishops

Published: 29 March 2018
Category: News

The Bishops from The Church of England in Lancashire (Blackburn Diocese) have issued their messages for Easter 2018.

Both Bishops reflect in different ways on recent challenging news events before moving on to explore what Easter means for each one of us.

Bishop Julian says:

At this Easter time, Christians celebrate that God has not only entered this mixed up world, but allowed Himself to become a victim, be arrested, tried, tortured and then crucified.

That looked like a massive defeat, but in fact His suffering on the cross became a victory. That victory was confirmed by the resurrection, Jesus’ conquest over death.

Meanwhile Bishop Philip says:

At Easter, the tomb is empty, the body is gone. At Easter we rejoice because human sin and darkness had no power to hold Him.

As the women peered into the empty tomb, they weren’t just seeing the absence of a body. They were witnessing a whole new way of being human.

This year’s Easter messages were recorded inside Lancashire’s Anglican Cathedral in Blackburn town centre which is known, amongst many other things, for its modern art installations.

Bishop Julian delivers his message in front of the first of the paintings positioned around Blackburn Cathedral that make up ‘The Journey’ or Stations of the Cross.

The installation consists of 15 stunning 6ft oil paintings by Penny Warden, depicting the final Journey of Christ to his death and resurrection. The paintings were commissioned in 2005 and are on permanent display.

Meanwhile Bishop Philip delivers his message in front of the Cathedral’s altar with its steel corona, designed by John Hayward and representing Christ’s crown of thorns.


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