Lantern Music Trust

The Lantern Music Trust is an independent, registered charity that seeks to secure the long-term future of music at Blackburn Cathedral.

The Lantern Music Trust exists to preserve the renowned tradition of excellent music at Blackburn Cathedral. There is a long held belief that a church dedicated to St Mary can be dated to the year 596 and the Cathedral Choir has sung under that name since the Diocese of Blackburn was formed in 1926.

The Trust seeks to ensure that, irrespective of the Cathedral’s financial position, the security of the Cathedral’s music will be safeguarded. The Trust exists to raise sufficient capital to be able to support the Cathedral’s music in perpetuity. Whilst the Cathedral will always support its music, the recent pandemic has catalysed the sense of urgency about this work.

Securing Our Future

To ensure the health and development of our Cathedral music, we need to secure funds to support: 

  •  Salaries for the Music Department
  • Recruiting choristers
  • Maintenance of the world-famous Cathedral Organ
  • Six Adult Singers
  • Eight Junior Choral Scholars
  • Administrative support
  • Widening access for choristers via transport
  • Taking the Choir out of the Cathedral to showcase our ministry
  • Commissioning new works and purchasing new scores to maintain the Music Library
  • Engaging Orchestral accompaniment for both liturgies and concerts

Who’s Who? 

The Lantern Music Trust’s trustees consist of The Dean, Precentor, and Director of Music. 


The first Honorary President is Dr John Bertalot. 


The foundation Honorary Patrons are: 

  •  Andrew Nethsingha – Organist of Westminster Abbey
  • Paul Mealor – Royal Composer
  • Sir Andrew Parmley – President of the Royal College of Organists
  • Diane Bish 


The Trust was launched in the Autumn of 2022 after receiving the promise of a six figure sum by a generous anonymous donor. The Trust now seeks to encourage others to build on this excellent foundation. 

Become a Supporter 

Become a supporter today and uphold the music of Blackburn Cathedral. The Trust seeks to attract and encourage: 


Seraphs are supporters who donate £1,000 per year, encouraging the Trust to thrive.


Archangels support the trust by donating £500 per year.


Angels support the trust by donating £250 per year. 

If you’d like to support the Lantern Music Trust in its work, contact us by phone on 01254 845307 or email [email protected]

You can also donate directly to the project via our JustGiving page here.   


The Lantern Music Trust is a charity registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales. Charity Number: 1203918.

To find out more, please contact

John Robinson
Director of Music 01254 845307 [email protected]
John Robinson Head of Music at Blackburn Cathedral
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