Sustainability and the environment

The care of God’s creation is an important part of the Cathedral’s mission and it is fundamental in our decision making.

We are proud to align with The Church of England pledge and are committed to becoming net zero by 2030.

Following a comprehensive audit we have introduced a carbon reduction plan which has resulted in a change in our operations. We have a designated energy champion who promotes and encourages an environmental-responsibility-first approach, ensuring we account for the environmental impact in all our decision making.

We take our commitment to the environment seriously and are continually looking to lower emissions through a range of actions such as limiting our energy consumption, reusing equipment and ensuring recycled and non-toxic materials are key components in any new purchases.

We source responsibly and are making changes to enhance the insulation of our buildings. We support biodiversity including using environmentally safe products across our estate and have recently introduced a colony of bees.

We have waste management and recycling systems in place. We are converting to LED lighting, we ensure FSC certified printed matter is used where required and aim to avoid single use plastics.

We encourage guests to cycle or use public transport where possible.

We deliberately promote the need for environmental responsibility in all our partnerships and share best practice amongst our team, peers and suppliers.

We take every opportunity to educate visitors, participants, partners and other stakeholders about our commitment to environmental protection.

blackburn cathedral is a bronze eco church

As a result of our efforts, we are proud to have been awarded Eco Church Bronze status and we are already working towards Silver accreditation.

A Rocha UK is a Christian charity working to protect and restore the natural world and committed to equipping Christians and churches in the UK to care for the environment. Visit Eco Church Scheme website to learn more.

To find out more, please contact

Ian White
Chief Operations Officer 01254 845303 [email protected]
Ian White Chief Operations Officer at Blackburn Cathedral
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