David Alton Keynote Address

Festival of Faith in Daily Life at Blackburn Cathedral
Published: 25 March 2022
Category: Featured News

On 19th March 2022 at the Festival of Faith in Daily Life here at the Cathedral Lord Alton of Liverpool spoke movingly in the keynote address about what it had meant to him to live out his Christian faith in his working life as a politician.  He explained that his work has brought him into contact with many people persecuted for their faith and that for them, faith in daily life is rooted both in courage and in hope.  He encouraged those present to engage with the reality of such struggles as part of our own lives of faith: ‘to know that we are here for some purpose and for such a time as this – letting our faith inform our response to all the challenges with which we are faced in our daily lives.’ 

You can read the full text of Lord Alton’s keynote address here:


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