Key stage 1

Our younger visitors explore this incredible space through discovery of all the features, sights and sounds of the Cathedral.

Pupils, with their teachers, are invited to explore the key features of the Cathedral through our Trails of Special Features

Pupils discover how each area of the Cathedral is connected to the practice and expression of the Christian faith, e.g. the Font (baptism), the Nave (space of safety for the people), Sanctuary (place where Eucharist is prepared). Questions are posed to develop the pupils’ thinking about these key aspects of worship, designed to ignite the pupils’ own enquiring minds. We hope that the experiences and memories will last long beyond their visit and enrich further learning in the classroom.

The trail last for approximately 90 minutes and will end in our Sanctuary where we discover the secret of Cathedrals – the Cathedra (Bishop’s Seat).


Many schools choose to add a workshop to their trail to make a whole morning for their visit. Some of our workshops on offer are featured in our Workshop Document. If teachers would like to discuss an alternative focus, please contact our Education team on [email protected]

To find out more, please contact

Siân Howell-Jones
Education Officer 01254 845310 [email protected]
Sian Howell-Jones Education Officer at Blackburn Cathedral
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