Lectures & Courses

Blackburn Cathedral offers a range of adult educational opportunities and provides opportunities of growing in Christian discipleship, including small group discussions, dialogues about interfaith issues, an annual Quiet Day and lectures that address issues of Christian faith and practice in the twentieth century.

Bible studies are offered periodically and enquirers groups held according to demand.

The Temple Lectures

The Temple Lectures given by eminent speakers address questions of faith and ethics in today’s society.

Each year the Lectures are given at Blackburn Cathedral. These lectures often explore contemporary social and ethical issues from a Christian perspective, but they sometimes also address aspects of the Church’s life and mission, its spirituality and its proclamation of good news.

The lectures honour the contribution of William Temple, Bishop of Manchester, and later Archbishop of York and Canterbury, who founded the Diocese of Blackburn in 1926, and who is justly famous for his contributions in the mid-twentieth century to national life and post-war reconstruction, ecumenism, theological communication and biblical reflection. The Temple Lectures are seen as the Bishop of Blackburn’s lectures, hosted by the Cathedral.

Guided tours provide opportunities not only to explore the Cathedral as a building, but to understand and interpret it spiritually and theologically. The new Cathedral buildings will provide opportunities of extending our learning opportunities and of engaging with people in new ways.


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